Faith in eventually

During the development of most any product, there are always times when things aren’t quite right. Times when you feel like you may be going backwards a bit. Times where it’s almost there, but you can’t yet figure out why it isn’t. Times when you hate the thing today that you loved yesterday. Times when what you had in your head isn’t quite what you’re seeing in front of you. Yet. That’s when you need to have faith.

Jason Fried writes Faith in eventually. Good to share with anyone who’s been working on something for a while.

CSS rule to disable text selection highlighting for better UX

Anchors that act like buttons or tabs, for better UX we need a way to disable the highlighting effect if the user accidentally selects the text. In most browsers, this can be achieved using proprietary variations on the proposed-but-now-defunct CSS3 user-select property:

  For IE < 10 and Opera, you will need to use… Continue reading