Save Popcorn-Time’s movies and watch offline

Are you watching movies online with Popcorn-Time? After watching you press the small ‘x’ button and the movie is lost forever! You have to reload it all over again to watch it. And of course you can not share it with airdrop or a pendrive. It’s easy to save Popcorn-Time’s videos.

For mac users, Open Terminal and type:
echo $TMPDIR
You will get something like:
Copy the output and right click to “Finder” and select “Go to folder…”
Paste the copied path and hit “Go”. Find a folder named “Popcorn-Time” in this directory. Hola! You have all your watched movies downloaded here! If you find it empty, Open Popcorn-Time and Play a movie. You can also watch the movie with VLC or your favourite movie player.

Windows users, Please find the Popcorn-Time temporary folder via the settings page in Popcorn-Time app.

25 Replies to “Save Popcorn-Time’s movies and watch offline”

    1. Hi Alejandro, In recent PopcornTime They added a buil-in option to view movies in VLC. But Sadly there is no offline sync functionality yet.

  1. hi ..
    i copy a file movies from de temp directory
    the movie play in vlc at 1h.. after 50% of movie the vlc stop play.

    if draw movie to begin.. it turn play again.. but after 50% … dont work

    what can i do to correct this problem ???

    1. It happens when the downloaded movie is corrupted or broken. In latest version of popcorntime you can select the player and select the destination of your temporary directory. Check that out!

      1. Yeah this what im doing at the moment but i thought maybe the srt file also placed somewhere localy on the machine same as the movie files.

  2. I use pop corn from my tablet.I dowanload it and i i tried watching a movie It days Buffering and slowly conpletes 100%then the movie plays itself…..i watch it and 10-15_
    mins later it seems to stop and play…like a scratch dvd help plz and it do not show man options like the one i see in net

  3. Can I just take the popcorn-time folder out and place it on my desktop or will that stuff something up.. Thx btw real help 🙂

  4. Awesome trick, thank you.
    I was wondering.. is there a way to get the subs as well? Of course I can search for them on the internet, but the ones already on PCT are usually great and checked.

  5. I find the down-loaded films in my popcorntime map (without the going to the tempdir) that’s not my problem.
    However how can start them up in popcorn time offline?
    How to turn on the popcorn time player player on-screen (off-line like in an airplane) and then select the downloaded movie to play?
    Like to see them there due to my preference to get the foreign subtitles.
    Thanks Tom

  6. another way to access the Cache for Windows is to search for the %temp% folder in the search bar, and find the folder “Popcorn-Time”

  7. Guys, do you know where those temp folders go when the app reset itself? i had the sad misfortune of accidentally clicking on the initial link “Is not downloading? Click here!” and i think it changed to default settings and now my popcorn time temp folder is empty…. i had a whole collection of movies :C

  8. the solution does not work well. I can view the file while the movie is open. once i shutdown popcorn time, movie does not exist in the T folder on macbook pro. should i change the settings?

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